Welcome to my Spirit of Wellbeing

where counselling, energy psychology techniques & quantum energy healing can help you transform your life creatively 

individual consultations for clarity & sustainable self -support for today’s world.  Learn to manage uncertainty and stress in a creative gentle way. Find your inner guidance system and life purpose  
Sessions at Warkworth North Auckland or by pre-arranged zoom meetings
  Thrive rather than just survive by learning simple take-away user-friendly techniques. Reprocess the past that keeps re-emerging despite rationality, create a future you.

Learn to develop your own essential serenity & wellbeing, no matter where you are or what you do in life.  Something to return to time & time again.

  • access to increased creativity, clarity of thought and develop wisdom skills
  • increased core confidence & self-esteem
  • spiritual, social & emotional intelligence, inner guidance
  • developing a new sense of ease, direction & natural flow

I would love to hear from you soon,

Pamela Harland counsellor (NZAC), Quantum Energy healer (NFSH) 

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Fast-forward  Counselling for stress & anxiety, life’s issues, self-esteem & confidence, life purpose

Quantum Energy Healing for re-balancing, clearing & relaxation

Light matrix sessions with colour healing for a gentle approach to resolving past issues and creating your future self.

at Warkworth North Auckland in person or by pre-arranged zoom meetings

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BIO-ENERGY THERAPY with Ian Cambourn

For pain relief, energy balancing & restoration

check out Ian Cambourn bio-energy therapy

Pamela Harland   testimonials

I have been carrying a burden for 60 years of bad childhood memories of abuse and therapy with Pamela has helped me come to terms with my past and create a positive memory which has been amazing. She helped me get over my earthquake terrors. I can now relax & enjoy life and feel hopeful about the future. Thank you for giving my life back”  HS Kerikeri

Thank you for bringing my Mum back” HS daughter, Sydney Aus

Pamela has helped me on numerous occasions to find a sense of increased clarity and purpose around my career direction and life path. She has an incredible propensity to combine head-based/results focus with spiritual/heart energy which made me feel understood, heard and at the same time take clear and direct action towards what I wanted in my life. Pamela brings light and love to many places and people and I really enjoy her fun spirit, laughter and dynamism”.  KB Auckland

I came to see Pamela after my separation became messy which had resulting in panic attacks and depression, I was in a deep hole with no hope in sight, it soon became apparent I had deeper unattended matters from childhood that may have contributed to what I was going through, Pamela worked with me and supported me whenever I needed, through discussion, self-beliefs and matrix reprogramming, she truly understood me as a person believing that what I was going through was very real and mattered, and Pamela guided me though it and I am so happy for that, I am a changed person, I am stronger in who I am, I can now face up to my challenges and I even tackled a troubling challenge head on that I would never ever have been able to do before seeing Pamela. Thank you Pamela for your amazing support.  The sessions with Pamela has changed my life in numerous ways. I am 38 and was adopted from 10 days old.  I suffered from feelings of rejection and separation. We did a remapping and retrieval session. I felt like I retrieved a part of my soul that was left all those years ago  which has changed my general wellbeing in so many areas of my life. Also it helped me work through my feelings of anger and hurt towards my birth mother. It felt like Pamela is an emotional heart doctor and very good at what she does. Her approach and nature is very welcoming sincerely caring and professional.  Pamela is confident in what she does and I felt safe in her care. The remapping practice I found was a huge success and would recommend to anyone that was struggling with life to give it a go.

Thank you Pamela“. CJ Whangarei.


John O’Donohue, Anam Cara “May you recognise in your life, your power, presence & light of your Soul. May you realise you are never alone that your soul in its brightness & belonging connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe. May you have respect for your own individuality & difference”