Welcome to my Spirit of Wellbeing

where counselling & energy psychology techniques can help you transform your life creatively  – bringing new found balance & self-empowerment

consultations for increased clarity & sustainable self -support for today’s world.  Release anxiety & trauma in a creative gentle way 
Sessions at Northland NZ & /or by pre-arranged skype calls

As we go through the many challenges & transitional demands of work, relationships, health & life, it is very comforting & useful to have a set of positive skills at your fingertips to manage the difficult times & to enhance your life.

  Thrive rather than just survive by learn simple take-away user-friendly techniques.

How exciting to be able to develop your own essential serenity & wellbeing, no matter where you are or what you do in life.  Something to come back to time & time again.

  • access to increased creativity, clarity of thought and develop wisdom skills
  • increased core confidence & self-esteem
  • spiritual, social & emotional intelligence
  • feeling connected and form better work & personal relationships
  • developing a new sense of ease, direction & natural flow

I would love to hear from you soon,

Pamela Harland counsellor (NZAC), healer (NFSH) &  Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner  contact Pamela


Fast-forward  Counselling for stress & anxiety, life’s issues, self-esteem & confidence

(plus ACC funded counselling for sexual violation- certain conditions apply)

Matrix Reimprinting Consultations for clearing trapped emotional memories, traumas & for future life experiences using colour healing

Matrix Birth Reimprinting for traumatic  pregnancies & birth experiences working in the light matrix

Light matrix sessions with colour healing for a gentle approach to resolving past issues and creating your future self.

Spiritual astrology for life purpose & direction, wisdoms & old patterns brought into this life, impulses for change & direction this lifetime

at Whangarei in person or by pre-arranged skype

For pain relief, energy balancing & restoration

check out Ian Cambourn bio-energy therapy

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Contact Pamela to enquiry which therapy can assist you best    

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara “May you recognise in your life, your power, presence & light of your Soul. May you realise you are never alone that your soul in its brightness & belonging connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe. May you have respect for your own individuality & difference”

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  1. michelle brownlee

    Hi I am looking for some help for my daughter she suffers from anxiety and we would like some info on what your services are

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