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30th March 2012

I attended a very interesting HRINZ networking meeting last night for Northland NZ & the guest speakers Steve Shephard (IT) & David Grindle (lawyer) covered the latest trends in social media (SM), the Cloud & employment issues for companies & employees mis-using SM, especially when an employee brings a company into disrepute, illegal downloading & dismissal of staff.  This lead on to developing a suitable company social media policy.  Plus I was surprised by the recent news of a successful defamation case in the UK for a twitter comment!

Employees nowadays, as part of their working life, seem to expect to be able to whizz across to their personal postings & connections, multi-tasking, multi-attention, multi-focused as part of their engagement & perhaps to enhance their creativity.  It certainly seems to be essential in the employee wellbeing stakes as an add on benefit  and probably helps in retention.  Employees certainly want to feel valued & trusted. There seems to be a psychological need to have technologically based relationships.  I wonder where this might fit on the Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs theory!

So here is a recent article on using social media productively.

6 ways to acquire new customers via social media

My own dip into SM over the last 6months has been intriguing. The question I keep asking my SM mentor is “ how will this task convert into a new customer, a new lead or service enquiry? How is this helping my business?”  Sometimes I just think it is just a time-consuming activity with little heart-based real authentic connection.  Other times, I am totally inspired, uplifted & of course, addicted.   It is good for a mood break/changer.

6 ways to acquire new customers via social media

I like the way this article explains how the various platforms can be used for different aspects of your business, e.g. FB for events & twitter for conversations, questions, highlights. Sharing meaningful content which has personality is all important, just as using images to engage the reader, a visual statement can make more impact than 1000’s of words .   Being personal, but not too personal!  Once it has gone viral, there’s no retraction. Plus it might come back & haunt you later in life!

For the full article see Mashable Business



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