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Download your Wellbeing

June 2012     Excellent research  into 22 European nations accounts of wellbeing is on  NEF (New Economics Foundation, UK) website.

NEF is a UK charity promoting global
interdependence, thriving communities, wellbeing & future economy for policy-makers, governments & organisations.

NEF is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being. We aim to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environmental and social issues. We work in partnership and put people and the planet first.”

Professor Lord Richard Layard, November 2008

NEF used 2  components in their comprehensive research of wellbeing personal & social wellbeing.  Denmark was top scorer for personal & social wellbeing.   I wonder how NZ would shape up in comparison.

more on Sub-components of Personal Well-being

Trust your workmates & managers? Open to new worlds

Trust is a very special commodity.

Yet we live in a world full of low-trust & suspicion. The emerging streams of newsfeed fill our waking lives with examples of discrepancies, dishonesty, ulterior motives, not- so-hidden agendas, personal gains, neglectful practice & backhanders which feeds us with low-trust.  So who can we trust? And how? I was always told that there’s no such thing as automatic trust, you have to earn it!

Getting savvy to our own psychological trusting makeup helps us to see through the mist & smokescreens of good relating with others. Personal relationships, romantic relationships, work relationships all demand a level of receptivity & scrutiny from our trust monitor. Our radar of previous hurts, childhood wounds, experiences of having our trust broken is on the look- out for indicators & first whiff of something fishy, our self-preservation armour clunks into place. We are full of so many downloaded mis-trust messages in our psychological inner world – “don’t talk to strangers”, “be careful, the world is not a safe place”,  “ people are only nice to you because they want something”

GETTING CONNECTED – social media & the workplace


30th March 2012

I attended a very interesting HRINZ networking meeting last night for Northland NZ & the guest speakers Steve Shephard (IT) & David Grindle (lawyer) covered the latest trends in social media (SM), the Cloud & employment issues for companies & employees mis-using SM, especially when an employee brings a company into disrepute, illegal downloading & dismissal of staff.  This lead on to developing a suitable company social media policy.  Plus I was surprised by the recent news of a successful defamation case in the UK for a twitter comment!

Employees nowadays, as part of their working life, seem to expect to be able to whizz across to their personal postings & connections, multi-tasking, multi-attention, multi-focused as part of their engagement & perhaps to enhance their creativity.  It certainly seems to be essential in the employee wellbeing stakes as an add on benefit  and probably helps in retention.  Employees certainly want to feel valued & trusted. There seems to be a psychological need to have technologically based relationships.  I wonder where this might fit on the Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs theory!

So here is a recent article on using social media productively.

6 ways to acquire new customers via social media

Compassion Fatigue – An occupational hazzard?

March 2012

Have you lost your joie de vive? Do you find yourself getting drained listening to others’ crisis &
personal issues? Yes I know sometimes life is tough & we have our own issues to deal with too!   As a line manager do you find your internal empathy is running a bit dry? Are you sufficiently emotionally robust to handle co-workers’ grief, traumas, life-dramas, over-sensitivities, anger outbursts etc?  Maybe you are suffering from compassion fatigue otherwise known as ‘vicarious traumatisation‘.

Here’s a handy fact sheet on compassion fatigue