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part of the new wave energy psychology techniques, from the meridian therapy range,  MR with EFT  TAPPING enables clients to easily release old emotional memories (ECHOS),  beliefs & outmoded life designs.   Instead clients create new positive life enhancing mental pictures.  This new imprinting passes through the neuropathways, meridian lines, down to the cellular level & out into the cosmic collective consciousness/multidimensions, known as the Matrix.   MR is ideal for trauma & anxiety.  Looking at your time line, big & small traumas can be identified & worked on without reliving all the emotional impact.  MR provides a quick easy resolution by changing the memories & associated beliefs.  At the same time MR clears the negative patterns & core beliefs that hamper your life & future intentions.

The aura-soma colours & aromas for healing the mind & body enhance this process as smell & colour is some of the strongest links into the emotional brain.  The autonomic nervous system reactions are changed.  The sessions are relaxed & paced well to client’s needs in a semi-trance NLP state also known as active empathic resonance

for more info on MR & how it works see Matrix article 

Sessions – batches of 3 sessions (weekly or fortnightly) must be pre-booked to allow for adequate checking of the successful reimprinting & for indepth work as echos often lead to more echoes.  Skype sessions work well with MR.

Costs: each matrix session is $120 duration one hour ($360 for batch of 3 sessions)

Sessions need to be pre-booked & prepaid

email Pamela & pay by paypal


Using the same energy psychology techniques as the matrix reimprinting, the focus is on pre-conception, conception, pregancy & birthing issues.

Many traumas can often manifest in later core issues of  general anxiety, depression, detachment, separation-anxiety,  lack of bonding, abandonment, survival modes,  feeling ungrounded.  The process includes setting up a whole new birth experience & positive bonding with parents.

Matrix birth is excellent for resolving abortion, miscarriage, infertility & adoption issues.

Matrix birth can also move into ancestral DNA healing of inhereited illnesses, trauma patterns & family patterns working & creating in the Light matrix

Often by healing the mother’s birth trauma, the health & wellbeing of the child increases.

First sessin is 90mins cost $180, follow up sessions 1hour $120. Sessions need to be prebooked & prepaid.

email Pamela & pay by paypal

Sessions are non-refundable unless 48hrs notice of cancellation is given