Quantum Energy Healing therapy harmonises energy disruptions in and around the body by sensing through the body’s bio-energy field & changes vibrational frequencies.   Energy disruptions are often caused by emotional events and negative thoughts & beliefs.   The natural energy flow through the field can become distorted or blocked.  For example, people often sense a blocked feeling in their throat through to their heart centre for unexpressed emotion.  Quantum energy healing  deeply relaxing – ideal for emotion, body mind re-balancing.

Pamela often uses the aura soma aromas in her quantum energy healing sessions to help release the energy disruptions.

Healing essences – fragrances inspired by angels


AURA-SOMA® is a balancing & wellbeing system that works with the energy field around the body (also known as electro-magnetic field EMF). By self-selecting a range of colourful essences & having them passed through the energy field while relaxing, you start to feel the clearing & balancing process within your body, your emotions, your mind & spirit. Each colourful spray/bottle has its own unique natural aroma based on the energies of herbs from essential oils and herbal extracts and the subtle energies of crystals and gems.

It is an ancient knowledge that has been refound and revitalised into a living system easily accessible to all. Through the wave-lengths of colour your chose will reflect the needs that lie hidden within opening levels of communication between the self and deeper aspect of yourself.

History of Aura-soma Vicky Wall the founder of Aura-Soma®, born the 7th child of a 7th child, she had the gift of 2nd sight – meaning she could see auras and was also clairvoyant.   As she grew up, Vicky learnt to recognise the art or science called ‘the signatures of plants’ – this is where the colour, leaf or plant shape, may be useful for, in maintaining or gaining well-being.1983 – Vicky, a practicing chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist was 66 years of age and clinically blind through diabetes. She did however retain her 2nd sight of auras.  It was shortly after loosing her sight that in a dream she was told to ‘Divide the waters my child’, & with ‘unseen hands guided her’ to make up some colourful mixtures of plant extracts, oils and waters.

The sprays are imported in NZ from the UK based on the original formulations -they are very pure & natural.

The energy field sprays are used for cleansing, refreshing and strengthening the electromagnetic field around the physical body through the positive messages of that colour.  Each one contains 49 herbal extracts and essential oils, crystal energies and the vibration of colour.  Listed below are some of the essences & what their use is.

The quintessences bring a more subtle energy into the aura system & their function is to invoke positive energies of the colour ray to which they are related into the energy field.  They are named after specific archytypal energies & allow you to download the vibrational frequency of that essence into your energy field for positive change, inspiration, guidance & balancing.


1.White –purifying & cleansing  Purifies & renews, balances, good space cleanser, brings new light to a situation 1.Pale blue – El Morya  Strengthening Divine Will with our will, aligning with purpose, own authority
2. Pink – unconditional love  Opening the heart to love, reduce anxiety, good for grief, self-acceptance 2. Pale gold – Kuthumi  Positive energies for the future, links to angelic & devic realms
4. Deep red – grounding/energising  Good for when energy levels feeling depleted,  stimulating creativity energy, anchoring 4. Pale green – Hilarion  New direction, new pathways, healing the environment, true expression of self
5. coral – supportive relationships  Changing relationship patterns, old fears, old loves, developing independence,  infusing deep joy 5.clear pearl – Serapis Bey  Brings clarity of vision, understanding in pain & conflict. Good for letting go & overcoming the past, deep cleansing
6. orange – recovery shock/stress  Bring insights, joy & understanding, emotional releasing 7. Pale Violet – St Germain  Transformation of old energy patterns, space clearing, uplifting spiritual energy
7. gold – wisdom & joy  Bring balance back to life, find clarity through light of wisdom – instincts 8. Pale pink – Pallas Athena  Creative expression of love & beauty, helps with prosperity & visions
8. yellow – sunshine & assimilation  Good when ‘feeling blues’, being more present & eases an overactive mind, brightens up the atmosphere 9. Rose pink – Orion & Angelica  For completion & new beginnings in life & projects, helps with travel
9. olive green – truth & direction  Brings wisdom to our hearts, improves memory, helps in confrontations, excellent for finding a clear pathway 10.Pale apricot – Lady Portia  Discriminative wisdom, compassion for self, brings justice & balance
10. emerald green – harmony  Peace to emotions, balancing, calming, good space clearer 11. Pale orange – Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu  Develop compassion & deep insight, balancing male/female energies, releases tension in mind-body
11.tourquoise – heart communications  Creative communication of feelings, good for presentations, teaching, playfulness 13. Pale turquoise – Maha Chohan  Inner guidance, listening to the inner teacher, expression of feelings
12.sapphire blue – communication excellence  Focus on inspirations, overcoming isolation, becoming clearer & more relaxed, inner peace 14. emerald green – Djwal Khul  Using intellect in harmony with intuition, good for grounded point of view, seeking objective truth
13. royal blue – infinite possibilities  Intuition, insights, clarity, seeing deeply, higher mind & thought  
15. deep magenta – life purpose   Red & violet rays balancing the spiritual & physical, enhancing acts of service  


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