Want to live more on track with your life purpose or direction.  Want to find the wisdom of past life & release the default patterns & beliefs so you can go forward & feel the passion of this life.  Want to be more in touch with your inner world of intuition, higher self & soul.

Spiritual astrology gives you an accurate unique map of your life, a visual representation of the planets positions at the point of birth.   The nodal axis gives useful spiritual information of the inner conflicts, pulls & yearnings.

“What is happening now is all about you, dear ones. The old souls on the planet are here on purpose and on time…Each of you has his/her own path and each Human has a unique decision of what to believe and not believe. But you are here on purpose!”

~ KRYON  through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Pamela puts together a short report on your general life direction and some of the future trends. If you also wish to discuss this information, an one hour skype session can be set up.

Clients need to have date, place & time of birth for an accurate reading.

Costs:  Short astro report $180, additional skype discussion session afterwards $120