Transformative Therapy which brings together holistic counselling & spiritual mentoring into one bundle


Gain a greater sense of your own empowerment to enjoy life from a balanced viewpoint. Together we can change outmoded patterns in your life that hamper your wellbeing.  This is in the context of connecting with your Innate Intelligence, Higher Self, for your own inner guidance system. Pamela uses a range of the new energy psychology techniques from a holistic perspective – mind, emotions, body & spirit such as creative visualisations, colour healing, relaxing meditations, EFT tapping, matrix reimprinting (memory reprocessing).  Consider an investment in your own wellbeing can make phenomenal lasting changes.

  • Understand yourself & how you ‘tick’
  • Stress & anxiety management
  • Grief & transitions in life, discovering your legacy
  • Deep relaxation & EFT tapping
  • Impact of thoughts, beliefs, values through life & how to change them
  • Self-management strategies for emotional balance
  • Increase self-esteem & confidence, we all need to love ourselves more!
  • Develop healthy relationship boundaries
  • Discover your life direction & take new steps
  • Link to your innate wisdom (higher self) through intuition


Unique supportive sessions with Pamela to help strengthen your inner guidance system, increase awareness of the levels of vibrational frequencies, within yourself & in others.  This becomes a guiding light for informed decision making based on intuition & Higher Self Wisdoms, in all areas of your life.  The sessions enable you to find greater self-confidence in your knowing and act more with personal integrity and inner authority.  You may also gain greater resilience, maintain calmness even during turbulent times and an ability to set up your personal energy firewall, feel grounded and protected  from unseen forces & release negative energies.  Navigate difficulties & transitions more smoothly.   Learn to become an observer of life and notice energy frequencies in your environment.  Through your inner knowing you can find creative ways to enjoy life, enriched with Light and spiritual connection = soul.  

  Pamela has over 25 years therapeutic experience as a counselling psychologist previously registered with BACP & NZAC (now retired)  and was working extensively with trauma through ACC sensitive claims. She uses the transpersonal model (mind, body, feelings, spirit), EFT tapping & more recently Matrix Reimprinting (MR) which is gentle emotional memory re-processing through creative visualisations & EFT Tapping.  This is for all difficult emotional experiences which keep being triggered.  MR can be used for early childhood trauma & birth difficulty and ancestral patterns. Pamela has been involved in spiritual development sessions and groups for many years through the healing arts



Investment : Sessions one hour in person at Warkworth North Auckland or online are $120 each or you can buy a prepaid bundle of 3 sessions (recommended) for $330

Payment either by cash, direct bank transfer or by Paypal

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Lao-Tzu “at the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are & you know what you want….when you are content to simply be yourself & don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you