You can contact us in many ways!

If you would like to make contact & find out how the therapy can help you make a difference in your life, please contact us below, we would love to hear from you.    In person sessions are available at Warkworth North Auckland by appointment or we can arrange an online meeting call.      You can call us on :  (+61) 021 114 7878

WINTER SPECIAL OFFER distance healing with Pamela Harland

Winter blues? do you need some light to lift your mood.   Time to book your winter energy booster NOW !

What’s involved in a distant Quantum Energy Healing with Pellowah session?  We pre-arrange a day and time where you can relax at home, uninterrupted for about one hour.   From my office, I tune into you, to your energy fields and clear blockages, align centres, increase grounding and make stronger connections with your Higher Self.   Then I attune to the Pellowah high dimensional frequencies and download the Pellowah energy and send to you – you may feel peacefulness, calm mind, see lights, feel energy impressions around your body or deep relaxation. It helps if you play 963Hz frequency music quietly in the background during the session. See miracle tones
When the Pellowah healing comes to a close, I will text you so you know we are finished. You may fall asleep from the relaxation.  That’s OK too.  This is a golden opportunity for self-care, you deserve it !

Special offer – during July and August 2023 distance healing sessions are just $80 (normally $120) pre-booked & pre-paid

to book a session with Pamela fill in the contact form below to send a message, we would love to hear from you, please add your mobile number too

warm regards Pamela Harland