What impact does your birth experience play in your life?

mother and her newborn baby

I didn’t realise how much it does!
So many babies are induced, do we realise the impact of those early synthetic drugs could have on later addictive behaviour? Or C-sections where the baby’s head is stuck & needs to be pulled out quickly. Or the effect of the epidural on the baby’s wellbeing & birth recovery?    I have recently studied this topic area & discovered that the birth process leaves an imprint in our minds & energy field, albeit unconscious.  It can affect emotional bonding in all our subsequent relationships.A natural birth with time for skin to skin bonding is seen as the preferred option.   The mother’s heart field entangles with the baby’s heart field to stabilise & fit together to create connection & bonding.

However, if you have a persistent & distinct feeling of disconnection throughout life – then your poor birth bonding experience may be running in the background.  Many mothers carry the fears of earlier pregnancies & births or some mother’s have stress & trauma throughout their pregnancy.  Some hold intense fear of pending pain & can they cope.  Other experiences running within us are anxieties about being able to get pregnant, mothers & fathers who don’t want the baby & concerns about the wrong baby gender set up emotional thought fields that the baby is immersed in & gets imprinted.  If you have grown up with a distinct feeling of not being wanted (no matter what your parents said), your unconscious birth experience could be operating.

How can we offset this?  Many midwives are extremely adept at allaying these fears.   Sometimes the anxieties & grief run too deep & seem unsurmountable. Experiences such as the baby is taken away from mother at birth & placed in the nursery, what happens to the bonding connection? How does the baby assimilate shock? If the mother has experienced the sad loss of a miscarriage, what residue grief energy does this leave in the womb?

I recently completed a course on Matrix Birth Reimprinting with Sharon King see birth matrix course & learnt so much about the birthing process & how to re-create & imprint a better experience. The client can clear parts that are emotionally stuck e.g. anxieties, traumas, grief & we can check the client’s own mother’s birth experience to see if any ancestral patterns are operating in the background in the energy field. Also, and this is really exciting…….. create a future imprint for pregnant women to set up the sort of emotional birth they want.


Firstly, any feelings of distress such as birth anxiety, held by the client can be linked in a felt sense to somewhere in the body. The client identifies what this feels like & what colour it appears to be. Then an alternative colour is identified which will act to lighten & lift the distress, all the while, tapping gently on various points around the body along the meridian lines (EFT tapping).   This clears any traumas held in the body.  Any subconscious beliefs created at this time can also be cleared e.g the world is not a safe place, my needs are not met.  Once the energy is clear, we start the birth process by identifying with the babyself in the womb, setting up a safe birthing space & appropriate helpers,  plus making the mother comfortable.  The birth is felt as a babyself coming into the world in a gentle way & being held by loved ones, eye-to-eye contact & bonding.   Stepping out of the babyself- back to the current self, the client reimprints the positive image & colour into their body, mind filed & through the heart centre out into the matrix field.

In my own matrix birth reimprinting I experienced a good natural birth & bonding with my parents which was so tangible in a felt sense.  It changed so much of my neuro-pathways that for the first time in my life I felt a true connection with my mother.

If you want to explore the impacts of your birth or you have friends/family members with pregnancy /birth issues, contact me  or call me. Remember it’s never too late to experience good bonding.
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at least 2 sessions are needed to process the changes warm regards Pamela Harland  March 2018

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NB : The medical professional do incredible work in saving babies lives & often medical interventions are absolutely necessary.   This work is about helping women with the emotional impact of birth.