What impact does your birth experience play in your life?

mother and her newborn baby

I didn’t realise how much it does!
So many babies are induced, do we realise the impact of those early synthetic drugs could have on later addictive behaviour? Or C-sections where the baby’s head is stuck & needs to be pulled out quickly. Or the effect of the epidural on the baby’s wellbeing & birth recovery?    I have recently studied this topic area & discovered that the birth process leaves an imprint in our minds & energy field, albeit unconscious.  It can affect emotional bonding in all our subsequent relationships.…

Compassion Fatigue – An occupational hazzard?

Have you lost your joie de vive? Do you find yourself getting drained listening to others’ crisis & personal issues? Yes I know sometimes life is tough & we have our own issues to deal with too!   As a line manager do you find your internal empathy is running a bit dry? Are you sufficiently emotionally robust to handle co-workers’ grief, traumas, life-dramas, over-sensitivities, anger outbursts etc?  Maybe you are suffering from compassion fatigue otherwise known as ‘vicarious traumatisation‘.    Here’s a handy fact sheet on compassion fatigue 

Active empathic resonance – playing with brain waves

ACTIVE EMPATHIC RESONANCE presentation by Pamela Harland excerpts from the workshop presented at Mind Body Conference Auckland 2004 Playing with brain waves From my work with cancer clients at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in the UK (now known as the Penny Brohn Centre after the founder), I found that connecting with patients using a technique called active empathic resonance, many…