Active empathic resonance – playing with brain waves

ACTIVE EMPATHIC RESONANCE presentation by Pamela Harland

excerpts from the workshop presented at Mind Body Conference Auckland 2004

Playing with brain waves

From my work with cancer clients at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in the UK (now known as the Penny Brohn Centre after the founder), I found that connecting with patients using a technique called active empathic resonance, many underlying psychological and emotional issues started to emerge & clear, promoting a beautiful self-healing process – many cancers went into remission. What is this ACTIVE EMPATHIC RESONANCE? It derives from the two therapeutic worlds- holistic counselling and light-touch energy transference & put simply, it’s magnetic attraction.

 Step 1. As I relax & focus intentionally on a higher mental frequency, my conscious awareness becomes similar to a meditation state & my brain wave patterns change from beta to alpha (range 8-13Hz).

Step 2. Then through focused thought direction, the client’s brain waves start to match to this alpha state known as sympathetic resonance (see Cade & Coxhead The Awakened Mind) causing deep relaxation in the client.

Step 3. The deep relaxation is a form of holistic regeneration & restoration for the mind, body & soul, enhancing wellbeing & in some cases, feelings of euphoria.

I believe this technique is invaluable in today’s stressy work lifestyle demands to improve one’s resilience, restore energy levels & prevent illness & absentism. At another level, ACTIVE EMPATHIC RESONANCE can help to open the doorway into a higher intuitive level of awareness, ideal for bringing creative magic into the workplace.

The paper goes on to describe how toxic emotional & psychological memories held within the body can be released by this process & thereby improve health outcomes. Special attention is given to the role of the heart centre, the 4th vortex & how strong & persistent negative emotions such as anger, resentment & self-loathing could be contributing to the ill health through psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) the science that links mental states, the nervous system and immune function, possibly contributing to the disease onset.

To find out more about changes to brain wave patterns see quantum energy healing

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