Using technology to enable dreaming

Has our technology — our cell phones and iPods and cameras — stopped us from dreaming?  Young artist Shilo Shiv Suleman says no, as she demos “Khoya,” her new storybook for iPad, which floats us through a magical world in 7 minutes of pure creativity.

I was mesmerised by the interactive storytelling on the iPad & loved the way she creatively brought nature alive.  Shilo says “I was terrified by this idea that I would lose the ability to enjoy and appreciate the sunset without having my camera on me, without tweeting it to my friends. It felt like technology should enable magic, not kill it.”

I am inspired by Shilo’s creativity but  left wondering is virtual nature is enough for our hearts & soul? Or is it too dis-connected?  Nothing really touches us in the same way the colours of the sunset, or the energy of ocean waves breaking on the shore fill us with awe, grace & light.  This technology can certainly helps children wake up to new possibilities, find alternative realities to urban city life.  Children are loosing the art of creativity, wonder & dreaming, perhaps this is a middle way.

Take a few mintues & have a look at what the technology can offer! Enjoy.


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Shilo Shiv Suleman

Pamela Harland wellbeing counsellor, mentor, matrix reimprinting practitioner



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