Life Path Coaching

Pamela is excited to offer this new modality for 2024 – a unique coaching therapy which focuses on discovering and activating your life purpose and meaning for your life.

The first half of life was probably full of growing up, finding out who you are, your career, relationships, children, money, getting ahead in life etc.    The second half gives us some breathing space or a crisis makes us  reflect on the soul’s journey – how you want to show up in the world.

What does this roadmap look like.

  • Let go of past experiences and regrets that no longer serve you.
  • Build on your strengths & talents.
  • Become more aligned to your inner guidance system and start following your life path.

Life path coaching uses energy psychology techniques; creative visualisations and deep relaxation to experience the “Light Matrix”. We also look at the 8 Gates of Wisdom and your astrology birth chart for patterns – what you have come in with and the life forces taking you forward.  it looks at the life cycles through the transiting planets against your birthchart to make sense of your learning so far.  It also looks into the future with upcoming planetary transits and access the “Furure Self” through light matrix energy psychology techniques.

Book your first online session now $150 (seniors $120) 75mins per session  contact Pamela