How To Restore The 4 Enriching Ingredients Of HOPE

HOPE = Happiness Optimism Passion Equanimity

Life on planet earth is meant to be a rich playing field & bountiful source of human emotional growth & learning, that’s why we have enormous emotional capacity. But how do we find our way through the maze of emotional deadends & blocks without getting exhausted or emotionally wrung out?

As a counselling psychologist in practice for the last 20 years in the UK & NZ, I have heard the most amazing rationales & compelling stories to explain emotional unhappiness & disturbance.

When life becomes all too much, we struggle to make sense of the huge array of emotions within us & in others around us

 For example, working with cancer patients in the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, so often there was no emotion expressed, instead blocked into a toxic cancerous growth.  Very sad & often difficult life circumstances can be triggers for unhappiness, but ‘unhealthy’ and disempowering emotions can often originate from a ‘victim’ mentality or from an emotionally distorted view of life. 

How do we learn to accept the ebb & flow of emotional reacting?

Want to learn the simple steps to stay in our calm, serene core essential Self, no matter what transpires?

No matter what we are feeling right now, & yes have the feeling, own it, its all yours! in blinding techno-colour!

Just remember though we are much more than our feelings. The emotional energy field is huge yet only one-dimensional on our potential radar. We actually have a mind/mental field, an etheric field & a soul field, among others..

Bring in heaps of HOPE, pleeease.

HOPE stands for




EQUANIMITY or Equilibrium

How to restore the 4 enriching ingredients of HOPE into your life:

  1. Develop a core sense of inner happiness–  I love life no matter what.  I love myself & then let the love juice overflow. Have your emotions yet allow them to flow through you
  1. finding fundamental optimismall is as it is meant to be, change is imminent, uncertainty is great, get realistic with your fears. Be with what is right now, not wanting life to be different
  1. be passionate about your passionsfind the things in life that make your heart singgo do it, follow your dreams, be what you have come here to be, get into your purpose-flow
  2. move back into your central core space of equanimity or equilibrium on a frequent basis, developing a core wellbeing, stance of observing your emotional field (like a wobbly weebly, come back to central balance). Get anchored in life, strong yet flexible & yielding

Pamela Harland is a qualified  Counselling Psychologist (UK) , Group Facilitator & Mentor specialising in Workplace Wellbeing.  Pamela is passionate about bringing Positive Psychology techniques to workplaces, teams and individuals to create a Spirit of Wellbeing Culture.


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