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  Some excellent research  into 22 European nations accounts of wellbeing is on the NEF (New Economics Foundation, UK) website.  NEF is a UK charity promoting global interdependence, thriving communities, wellbeing & future economy for policy-makers, governments & organisations.   NEF used 2  components in their comprehensive research of wellbeing personal & social wellbeing.  Denmark was top scorer for personal & social wellbeing.   I wonder how NZ would shape up in comparison.   more on Sub-components of Personal Well-beingSub-components of Personal well-being

  • Emotional well-being.

Positive feelings – How often positive emotions are felt.
Absence of negative feelings – The frequency with which negative emotions are felt, with higher scores representing less frequent negative emotions.

  •   Satisfying life.

Having positive evaluation of your life overall, representing the results of four questions about satisfaction and life evaluations.

  •   Vitality.

Having energy, feeling well-rested and healthy, and being physically active.

  •   Resilience and self-esteem.

Self-esteem – Feeling good about yourself.
Optimism – Feeling optimistic about your future.
Resilience – Being able to deal with life’s difficulties.

  •   Positive functioning.

This can be summed up as ‘doing well’. It includes four subcomponents:

Autonomy – Feeling free to do what you want and having the time to do it.
Competence – Feeling accomplishment from what you do and being able to make use of your abilities.  Engagement – Feeling absorbed in what you are doing and that you have opportunities to learn.     Meaning and purpose – Feeling that what you do in life is valuable, worthwhile and valued by others.

Sub-components of Social well-being

Social well-being is made up of two main components:

  •   Supportive relationships.

The extent and quality of interactions in close relationships with family, friends and others who provide support.

  •   Trust and belonging.

Trusting other people, being treated fairly and respectfully by them, and feeling a sense of belonging with and support from people where you live.

check out NEF @ :
 Measure your own wellbeing using their  wellbeing profile questionnaire
 To download a copy of the full report:   national accounts of wellbeing

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