If you are feeling blue.. my Top Pickup Tips

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Some times I feel down & I don’t know why, my heart just kind of feels heavy & I know I have lost my smile. Even facebook seems to be all boring & samey.  I usually go through the process of elimination – is it food eaten, hormones, lack of beauty sleep, the weather?   Am I just having a blue day & how can I shift it into a bright sunshiny yellow-gold day?

If you are feeling down & blue, what to do 
  1. watch something funny – laughing baby Micah

Baby Micah laughing at the sound of ripping paper – an amazing 38.7 million views! Such an infectious, pure laugh & we all used to belly laugh like that once upon a time!

2) read something truly inspiring, meaningful & uplifting .

Try an OSHO wisdom card   –pick a card for today or another inspiring deck

3) listen to an inspiring TED Ideas worth spreading video clip

– just a 10 min break can make so much difference. Have a look at Thandie Newton Embracing Otherness.


4) count your blessings –

every cloud has a silver lining, so find your silver ingot of blessings – find at least 5 wonderful things happening RIGHT NOW in your life, then you are on to something bigger & greater than your blue mood.

5) have a decent cuppa

(this is one of my personal favourites) try Kerikeri organic tea/ NZ chai – hmmm


There’s nothing like a good ol’ English brew to set the world to rights!

Having the blues can be a good experience, it’s your Inner Self letting you know that it’s time to nurture & love yourself more!

Pamela Harland is a Wellbeing Consultant & Group facilitator, UK Counselling Psychologist specialising in Workplace Wellbeing. Pamela is passionate about bringing Positive Psychology techniques to workplaces, teams and individuals to create a Spirit of Wellbeing Culture.

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