How to Live in the Moment?

 January 2012

How much do we long for the ability to sustain a wonderful sense of feeling good? The short-lived highs of a new technological gadget or a fashion scoop hardly touches the pleasure centre spot. We search for greater meaning. So really appreciating the simple things in life, feeling a good aspect in every person we encounter, is an art which needs practice.

 Living in the moment..

Psychologists & counselors are moving strongly into mindfulness based therapies as a way to help people become much more present emotionally & mentally.

If we can live each day as if it has great meaning, like its our last, would we hold a different point of view on the road rage or the argument with the spouse? What really matters to us?

I was really inspired by a BBC world news article A lifetime in 3 Years about Alex Lewis’ fight with bone cancer, despite being on a chronic health & treatment regime, vowed to live each day with as much zest and energy as he could muster, he died at age 22.

It makes you realise just how precious life is. Life is actually amazing, but to make the most of every minute you do have to look at everything in a positive way Alex said.

Just how much do we moan & grown about the weather, our aches, pains & the emotional rollercoaster of life. Yes I know, I could win the golden globe for best performance of a diehard wingeing Brit! So Alex embarked on a cocktail of exciting adventures & thrills that many of us would normally space out over a lifetime of 101 things to do before I kick the bucket!


parachute jumping, dune buggy riding in Dubai, cliff diving in Cornwall, taking a spontaneous trip to Australia, just two days before he travelled to meet friends there for beach parties partying with friends every weekend, zipping round in his sports car, marrying the girl of his dreams etc etc

So what would you do in this situation, if it was you, a sobering thought, I know, but why not follow our hearts more, break with tradition & conservatism, be more spontaneous & intuitive & enjoy life more to the full, plus FEEL SO GOOD. We don’t have to buy into the struggles & stresses of life. Keeping a joyous attitude is the key goal, finding the humour in situations.


Seems too idealistic? Try these simple steps each day:

  • Be contented with what you have (your blessings) rather than what you don’t have

  • Positive self-talk (I am an amazing person)

  • Have a new (novel) experience at least once a week, preferably every day

  • Be more watchful – a child’s face, the colour of a flower, the way the trees move in the breeze & develop the art of wonder

  • Appreciate the people in your life (don’t’ focus on their oddball behaviours!)


Pamela Harland is a qualified Counselling Psychologist (UK) , Group Facilitator & Mentor specialising in Workplace Wellbeing. Pamela is passionate about bringing Positive Psychology techniques to workplaces, teams and individuals to create a Spirit of Wellbeing Culture.

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