by Pamela Harland – Artist and Higher Dimension Counsellor & Healer

New Dimension art seeks to provide the viewer with the sense of vibrational frequencies of the image via the artist’s perception and energy.  My intention through my art is to uplift, bring peacefulness and offer a spiritual connection or remembering of your deeper self through the art. Healing art.  Breathe, take a rest & be peaceful – find inspiration.  See the range of paintings below.  if you wish to view a painting in person please contact me to arrange a viewing

Enjoy Pamela Harland x


“Peaceful Buddha” by artist Pamela Harland

My recent painting  “Peaceful Buddha”

was showcased at the Great Summer Art Exhibition at Snells Beach over New Year 2023/24 and at the Mahurangi Art Studio Trail in Feb 2024.      I feel the gentle calmness building as the Buddha’s face comes alive.

Acrylic on canvas  40cm x 50cm  $ 333       new dimension art ©





Matai Bay Northland by artist Pamela Harland

Matai Bay Northland  is a place in New Zealand I love to visit at the end of Karikari Peninsular, Matai Bay. It has a long sweeping horseshoe shape bay, very pristine and bright golden sands.  At the very end of the Bay are some large boulders that feel ancient, almost other worldly, and they give me such a feeling of groundedness, peacefulness and connection to the magical Earth grids.

Acrylic on canvas 71cm  x 56cm  $ 444

new dimension art ©




“Stone Woman one” by artist Pamela Harland

Stone Woman One    I was inspired by rocks on beaches, their shapes and patterns and how they can form many images.   I enjoyed building up the layers to make the texture and colours of the warm stone come alive. Stone Woman has been a continual inspiration for relaxation and carefree, pondering of life.

Acrylic on canvas  76cm x 76 cm  $ 888

new dimension art ©



Sacred Geometry One” 

This painting was inspired by the incredible crop circle formations in the fields of  Clay Hill, Warminster in Wiltshire in the UK in July 2017.  The design seeks to follow the perfect geometry form and provide a 3 dimensional crystaline option to give energy & resonance.  I believe these crop circles are uplifting messages from our Star Family.

Acrylic on canvas 75cm x 75cm $555   

new dimension art ©


Quantum Crystals by artist Pamela Harland

Quantum crystals is a painting of my tray of palm crystal stones that I have in my clinic.  The client can choose which crystal they feel drawn too and often the qualities would match the corresponding quality needed. For example the blue agate brings calmness and clear mind to guide you through some of the negative thoughts and feelings.

Not for sale

new dimension art ©


Balancing crystals by artist Pamela Harland

Balancing crystals is a recent painting inspired by the vibrational qualities of crystaline energy and their effects on the human energy field, especially the nervous system and the emotional body.   The pink rose quartz emits gentle vibrations of love (higher dimension and self-love).   The purple amethyst emits vibrations of spiritual upliftment, meaning, belonging, 

Both the gold flecked quartz & the copper flecked quartz above are from other worlds, soon to be on earth. I could see them with my intuitive perception   The qualities at this time are unknown.  I feel both will bring humanity more joy and clearer purpose.

Together, the painting of the 4 crystals will bring an uplifting and balanced  energy to your home.

Acrylic on canvas 40cm x 30cm   $222    new dimension art ©

Peaceful Buddha by artist Pamela Harland

Peaceful Buddha was inspired by my visit to Samye Ling the first Western Buddhist centre in Scotland before coming out to live in New Zealand in 2004.  I spent some time enjoying the meditations and peaceful surroundings and learning how to draw Buddhist tanke art.  The buddha’s face is very proportional and exact.   I painted this Buddha in NZ about 4 years ago and I found the features became both male and female which denotes balance.   Peace and balance which are so important in these transitional times as we find our inner calm spaces.

Not for sale                     new dimension art ©


Maiden Mother Crone

The next two paintings are part of a series of paintings celebrating the goddess energy and the honouring of the three  female phases of Maiden, Mother & Crone.   I added a cultural flavour to the paintings to acknowledge the global nature of these archetypes.   Good therapy have an excellent description of the 3 archetypal energies see good 

The Maiden – The innocent and energetic maiden explores life with young eyes. It’s a time of firsts: first period, love interest, dreams, and passions. This age is marked by curiosity about almost everything. It’s a time of discovery, early identity exploration and choosing initial life paths.

The Mother – The mother archetype does not just refer to women who give birth or choose to adopt. This age is marked by a deepening awareness of maternal, loving, giving, feminine energy. This nurturing can appear in creative endeavors, parenting, social connections, and learning. It has a vibrancy and strong forward-moving energy. 

The Crone – The crone archetype is noted for the way it integrates with what has preceded it. Physically, it is marked by the menopause. While physical energy may have waned, there is a trove of life experience on which to draw.   The wisdom of the Crone is ageless and she calls on the Grandmothers ancestry.  She guides the tribe and the next generations with her ability to share her innate wisdoms and strengths, life’s hardships encountered & her ability to be fully herself. 

Acrylic on canvas each painting is 51cm x 40cm   $ 450 for the pair    $ 255 for a single painting

Maiden Mother Crone triple goddesses (1) by artist Pamela Harland

Maiden Mother Crone the triple goddesses (2) by artist Pamela Harland



new dimension art ©






Red trees by artist Pamela Harland

Red Trees I enjoyed connecting with the layers and the depth plus all the elements of mountain, beach, ocean and trees. It is a restful view

Acrylic on 1.75cm thick board 54cm x 34cm  $ 222

new dimension art ©



4 greeting card pack size approx 5″ x 7″

You may wish to purchase quality printed greeting cards of each of the 4 paintings  “Quantum Crystals”,  “Stone Woman”, “Into the Light” and “Matai Bay” from original art by Pamela Harland

Each card is plain inside to write your own personal messages, 4 envelopes included

Cost $25 per pack for 4 cards plus $5 post & packing (NZ)

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Pamela Harland – Artist and Higher Dimension Therapist

The position of the artist is humble. He (She) is essentially a channel. Piet Mondrian
The Artist’s Way A Spiritual Path to Greater Creativity by Julia Cameron — Piet Mondrian

“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.” – René Magritte