One day we CAN work for LOVE & not for money!

I was reading a lovely blog from Tiny Buddha on embracing your inner life coach & reflected on just how much popular psychology over the last 20 years or so has been driven by individuality, personal power. Its all about ME – yeah right- not!

More than anything else, these times are demonstrating that we need to consider sustainability, impact on ourselves & others, rather than just profit & productivity & personal empowerment.

” had this lingering feeling that my work wasn’t truly serving others and didn’t have a real impact on the world”.

Diving into Buddhist philosophy,  the concepts of compassion, contribution, and oneness started to make sense & have greater meaning for life & work.   So in an ideal world, we would all love to do the things we love to do – regardless of earning money.  The reality is, we do want to support ourselves & our families in the best way possible so let’s learn to really enjoy what we do, moment by moment, cherishing rather  than survival, got to pay-the-mortgage mode. Bring love, presence & enjoyment into all actions by changing our internal state – attitude, beliefs & feelings.   Find out how…..wellbeing therapies

Here’s two examples of  amazing community projects & initiatives that are currently operating, making a difference to communities, spearheaded by bright innovators.

Re-kindle waste wood into furniture

 Juliet Arnott is a furniture designer and co-founder of Rekindle, supporting young people to make designer furniture from waste wood. Their mission is to support communities to use their wood waste fully and in doing so, maximise the benefits of the purposeful work involved. Juliet has been actively re-working the demolition houses in Christchurch for furniture etc

Sparkx computer game

Maru Nihoniho – of Metia Interactive produced the ‘Sparx’ computer game esigned and developed for the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of the University of Auckland and funded by the Ministry of Health New Zealand.

Sparx is a computer-administered self help programme for adolescents suffering from depression and is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This initiative is a New Zealand first.

Pamela Harland is a Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant  Pamela is passionate about bringing Wellbeing to everyone to create a Spirit of Wellbeing Culture.

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