4 simple steps to remind yourself to self-nurture – you deserve it!

Isn’t it time – for you?

January 2012

I was enjoying walking by the ocean, golden sands, gentle lapping waves, emerald-azure waters, I could be feeling absolutely amazing or I could be lost within my dark thoughts. Then I was contemplating what does the internal landscape really look like & how do we take care of ourselves. Maintaining a feel-good factor is quite an art, even an ongoing okayness can be tricky. Our runaway thoughts are compelling & addictive as they fuel the epic 3D stories & tales – current & past.

Before we can say Jack Robinson (and who the hell was he anyway?) we have entered the dragon’s lair, fears, anxieties, self-recriminations, resentments emerge from the dragon’s fire & we spiral down. So many of our feelings especially anxieties, reside in the gut /sacral centre, yet somewhere within us we have the capacity to ease this fire & nurture ourselves, when we start to feel bad.

4 easy steps to self-nurture cont’d

With over 15 years working therapeutically with clients with a mixed bag of tricks from counselling, psychology, NLP, EFT & education, there are surely some useful tips for stopping us going down the plug-hole with the baby. In my experience anxiety & depression are the 2 most common presenting issues that clients bring causing bucket loads of low self-esteem.

The heart centre has a depth & knowing that we are only just getting a glimpse of.

Working with heart centre, accessing the self-love
OK – here we go, try this – I would love some feedback, does it work for you?

STEP ONE – Reality Checking

Have your feelings but don’t become an emotional-state. Check out your thoughts, are they fuelling a mistaken belief? Do some honest reality checking – what are facts and fiction, find numerous other possible rationales/causes (don’t have to be possible or plausible – be creative).

STEP TWO – Increase self-respect

Now give yourself a break from analysing & self-appraising, put problems & issues on the shelf for now, you can return to them later. Now do some important self-honouring time. Ask yourself -what blessings do you have in your life, what special gifts & talents do you hold, what do you value in life the most. Bless yourself, respect who you are (warts as well), forgive the oddities, you’re doing a grand job, having a human life!

STEP THREE – Fill up on heartlove

Breathe, meditate on visualising your internal champagne glass bubbling up & filling with heartlove juice, remember good things in your life that you love & hold dear to your heart. Decide to do something special for yourself today (massage, body wrap, swim in ocean, walk with the trees & birds) or even treat yourself to some expensive chocolate! Works for many of my girl friends! See the heartlove juice bubble over the champagne glass & flow through your veins, permeating through your whole being lighting up the body with heartlove.

STEP FOUR – Do something special for someone else

Random acts of kindness are powerful change actions & can be so nurturing for yourself too. As you do something special for someone else, you can light up their world & simultaneously make the world a better place. Do something different today, just something easy peazy. Altruism can be the best healer of all. It certainly takes us out of our tiny minds/lives & into a bigger more meaningful reality. Send that heartlove to at least 5 people.

Finally, use your mind to create a positive vision for yourself, your family, your community & the world.

Pamela Harland – Wellbeing Counsellor, Mentor, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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